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Marketing services for the IT market
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Our Services

Yes, Marketing success is all about delivering the right messages at the right time, through the right channels. But it is also about being able to achieve the maximum results within the constraints of time, resource and budget.

That is why Next Level is the right partner for you.  We do not subscribe to an all-or-nothing approach, preferring to be pragmatic within any client constraints. So, whether you are a well-established business or a start-up, we always offer a tailored approach.

This flexibility means we are able to service both one-off engagements for specific projects as well as long-term commitments,  such as the provision of a Marketing Director for a fixed number of days per month.

We are flexible, agile and inventive – and most importantly we would like to work with you. Below provides an insight into our areas of marketing expertise.


Our Expertise

Next Level is able to provide a full compliment of Marketing Services to support your business.


Everything flows from having the right Marketing Strategy that supports your business goals. At Next Level we know that success is in the detail which is why our strategy creation and implementation process leaves no stone unturned. To learn more please look in the Approach section of this site.


Digital Marketing covers a wide-spectrum of activities that promote your offerings on the Web. Next Level’s approach focuses intially on website content and messaging as well as Search Engine Optimisation and interlinked Social Media activity. Thereafter, we expand Digital work only where it can make a good return on investment case. Second-stage activities explore value around campaign marketing, advertising (such as web banners and PPC) and online influence marketing.

Social Media

There are many Social Media platforms, but which ones should you be using? We create Social Media plans to support the overall marketing strategy of the business, picking the right platform, depending on the targeted customer or group that we want to reach. Our Social Media marketing strengthens your brand by demonstrating dynamic engagement through a medium that is perceived as a club for the initiated who often spurn other channels.


A broad church, Communications is about the messages you want to take to market across different media platforms. Typical examples include:

  • Corporate identity/branding
  • PR: press releases, case studies and opinion pieces
  • Event sponsorship to build brand recognition
  • Publicity: exhibitions, conferences and seminars
  • Internal communication to promote stategy
Direct Marketing

We use this channel to deliver communication directly to targeted individuals, whether existing or prospective customers. Designed to generate business opportunities and build brand awareness, we ensure that messaging, timing and engagement methods are optimal. We accurately measure and analyse results, so that together we can understand what is working best and refine accordingly.

Relationship Marketing

Centred on customer relationship management, we focus activities on raising customer retention as well as the building and strengthening of long-term partnerships. A key aspect of Relationship Marketing is the creation of positive networks that form independent reference sites to support business development.


Focused on creating high-value content for defined audience segments, our content marketing work is designed to promote new customer acquisition and customer retention. It achieves this by demonstrating meaningful and relevant thought-leadership across multiple channels. Types of content include; opinion posts, interviews, research & analysis, blogs, infographics, videos, guides and eBooks.