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Marketing services for the IT market
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Our Approach

At the heart of every great technology company is Marketing. It is the glue between Sales and Operations, ensuring that your business is not only joined-up but is a cohesive team set to succeed.

So where should you be focusing your future marketing effort? What approaches should you be deploying to engage better with your customers and partners? And can you achieve better results with the time, resources and budget at your disposal?

At Next Level, we work side-by-side with you to ensure you realise the potential of your products and services. Being results driven and evidence based, we begin each engagement by utilising the knowledge within your business to define, measure and analyse past and present activity.

Understanding where you are now and a target of where you want to be, we follow our four -stage process to create the Marketing Strategy to get you there.



Knowing all about your target customers and their needs is fundamental to business development. That is why we focus with your team on building granular customer profiles across all of your principal markets so that they can significantly improves their likelihood of a successful sale.

We make sure that you not only capture what jobs your targeted customers perform but also their responsibilities, what keeps them awake at night and where their professional ambitions lie. Armed with the complete picture, we are able to tailor the benefits messaging for your offering, specifically to them.

Validating our assumptions and continually refining the approach, we ensure customers are rigorously qualified so that sales can concentrate their focus and be more effective.

With so many companies competing for market share and looking very similar to outside customer eyes, it is critical that you stand-out in the crowd. Using the detailed target customer profiles created in the Identify phase we take your offering and transform it, so that it becomes a must have.

The good news is that many companies build propositions that are lists of the services and products that they offer. They believe that the longer the list, the more attractive they are to customers. At Next Level, we design propositions that focus on ‘why you’ and not ‘what we have’.

Working with your Sales and Operations teams, we create value propositions that match the identified needs of your customers to the benefits of your offering, delivering compelling reasons to buy.




A proliferation in marketing tools and channels has given truth to the old line that ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’. Instead of raising marketing effectiveness it has in many cases encouraged a scatter-gun approach; flooding channels with limited-value content, measuring success spuriously and worst of all causing customers to switch-off through saturation.

The Next Level approach avoids these mistakes. Having already identified with you the best ways to connect to target customers, we do not need to flood channels aimlessly. And having built the compelling proposition messaging that match’s customer need to your offering, we have the high-value content ready to go.

Choosing the right time and approach to engage your targeted customers is our strength. Always favouring quality over quantity we connect your customers to the proposition, optimising business conversions rates.

Operations measure their performance against key indicators such as utilisation and SLAs. Sales build commercial pipelines to forecast and hit revenue targets. Marketing however is sometimes unaccountable, arguing its work is an intangible and impossible to measure properly.

At Next Level, marketing is not only measurable but also subject to continuous improvement. We baseline activity at the beginning of an engagement so that we can evidence success. As well as setting-up metrics around Marketing we follow through into the Sales process to measure increases in customer contact, arranged meetings, submitted proposals, conversion rates and revenues.

Our data analysis never stands still, enabling both you and us to continuously learn, modify and improve. The process never stops, making sure you always stay ahead of your competition.